Playground Uprising

May 21, 2010, 2:39 am
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I unlock the back gate. Peer in. Certain of a crime scene. A glance to the left, right, behind the fountain, and a peer into the monkey grass. Clear? Could it be? I stroll up the stairs with a mild, smug smirk of victory creeping out of the left side of a grin and crap. No literally –  I mean CRAP. There it is. Right past the door towards the back of our upper patio. We have a basset hound. Her name is Sydney. She likes to crap on hard surfaces – like the sidewalk in front of the neighbor who just admired her supreme longitude or in the alley – next to the sign that says “no dogs allowed” but most often – strategically  upon my patio in distinct places that make unbeknownst guest swear we have acquired modern art due to it perfected placement. I have hosed water, sprayed chemicals, and sprinkled pepper as blogger 227 suggested, but still she stands her ground and soils mine.