Playground Uprising

Sunday …
July 25, 2010, 11:49 pm
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Today is Sunday ~ Our new associate rector has just arrived. If I was to thin slice our hour together, I would say we got ourselves a home run. She was casual, thoughtful, and had something to say ~ an unusual combination in today’s culture of altered “reality” TV shows and shock jocks. Her message today was the wait and the rub. She talked about this is the context of prayer and positioning. There are times when we position ourselves in authority and ask God to lead us to and through that promotion or book deal, assuming that which we know, see, and want are reflective of our purpose. Then there are times when we cease prayer, exit the relationship, and assume full responsibility for what is and might be. And then she talked about the wait ~ equated to chess playing ~ as we are staring across the table waiting for our opponent to make the next move, as if she forgot and needs a nudged reminder. And it is in that silence and wanting that we lose faith in our ability and His ability to see us through. But perhaps, it is in that very silence that God is saying ~ “hey – I got this but you are not ready for it yet and this silence and suffering and waiting and uncomfortable hum is necessary to take you to what you will later see as your proper place and home. So perhaps, the universal prayer is not one of asking or expecting but a request for a partner who will sit with us in the silence and help us wait for that calling who is coming around the distant corner, an unexpected arrival that would never have made Sunday’s prayer list.


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