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I’m Back
March 3, 2009, 5:56 am
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welcome-home-sign11Tuesday, March 3, 2009 / I Am Back

Well it is officially Tuesday, March 3, 2009 and I AM BACK – after a wee bit of a hiatus  – that if one was going to get picky – could be roughly calculated out  at about a year and few months thrown in for good measure. Ooooops – time does fly when a girl is trying to skirt her responsibilities. So how did I arrive at this juncture at 12:31am? Well first of all my husband is in Honduras and my oldest son is at the grandparents’ abode – and I feel like a kid in a house with no rules – so I am staying up late – and eating M&Ms with a toddler as we watch yet ANOTHER rerun of the Backyardigans all the while – my mind wonders to the America’s Next Top Model marathon calling my name just a few channels away. Well the runway will just have to wait. And – in the heat of another Backyardigan snappy song – after being torn away from the lure of Facebook – I stumbled upon my old Pal Stacey’s blog  which you should really check out – simply because she is fabulous and I say so. Then – all at once – it hits me like a ton of bricks – or perhaps like the matchbox car that just got tossed into my head at appalling speeds – I miss being a writer. You see – earlier this year I left the University life – hanging up my professor glasses and patched overcoat – and put on my holiday teacher dress as I headed back to the classroom to teach fifth grade. The move feels right – and the boys (I teach at a boy school) are energizing and smelly. But amidst all this change I lost THE conversation – the one that goes something like “yo how is that article coming – or will you read this draft of my paper” – and so – I simply stopped writing all together  – while never really noticing the hole until it was just so big – and I was scared I might fall in if I returned. But – as explorers must do – I have trudged back to the trenches where I will begin again – and hope some of my old fellows will resdiscover me and start another grand conversation. Until then. TTFN -DCS

PS – Did I mention it is a snow day?


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so glad you are back, I too have missed your wonderful banters about your life

Comment by Ginny

Yeah! I’ve missed you so much in real life- it would be great to read about you here. And you certainly must always write- being the wonderful, wonderful writer that you are!

Comment by Stacey

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