Playground Uprising

I’m Going for A Run …
March 7, 2009, 6:43 pm
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My husband has been in Honduras for the last week. In short – we are a proud but mournful family unit – who misses their third ill behaved kid. So –today I broke down and actually paid the gym daycare $10 so that I could have an hour on the treadmill and elliptical machine in an effort to get my groove back. Sometimes a girls got to break bad in order to retain her Saturday sanity– a feat I usually accomplish on my neighborhood runs. But despite the chaos – I understand that leaving one’s young children unattended in the house may result in an unexpected visit from our friends down at Social Services. Not to mention – that besides soccer and matchbox cars – Mac’s favorite pastime is setting up the redhead for an inevitable fall which he is the first to plea – not involved. It goes something like this. I say, “Mac, please do not stick that very strange suction cup toy – plucked from the overpriced, nutritiously void, environmentally hazardous Happy Meal –on our freshly painted walls.” This request is promptly  translated to “Oh mom does not want ME to stick this thing THERE but – the red head over HERE lacks forwarded thinking and craves catastrophe – so I think we have ourselves a winner – CHARLIE ………”  Screech – laugh – paint chip falls to the floor – “MOM look at what Charlie is doing, bad Charlie.” This scene has repeated itself approximately 11 times over the last twenty four hours – and has only ceased because strange toy mysteriously found its way to the trashcan and then a landfill – where it will sit for the next quadrillion years to torture future generations.  So imagine the apocalypse that could ensue with an hour of no parental guidance? Come to think of it – a quiet night in the slammer isn’t looking so bad about now.  I am going for a run.


I’m Back
March 3, 2009, 5:56 am
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welcome-home-sign11Tuesday, March 3, 2009 / I Am Back

Well it is officially Tuesday, March 3, 2009 and I AM BACK – after a wee bit of a hiatus  – that if one was going to get picky – could be roughly calculated out  at about a year and few months thrown in for good measure. Ooooops – time does fly when a girl is trying to skirt her responsibilities. So how did I arrive at this juncture at 12:31am? Well first of all my husband is in Honduras and my oldest son is at the grandparents’ abode – and I feel like a kid in a house with no rules – so I am staying up late – and eating M&Ms with a toddler as we watch yet ANOTHER rerun of the Backyardigans all the while – my mind wonders to the America’s Next Top Model marathon calling my name just a few channels away. Well the runway will just have to wait. And – in the heat of another Backyardigan snappy song – after being torn away from the lure of Facebook – I stumbled upon my old Pal Stacey’s blog  which you should really check out – simply because she is fabulous and I say so. Then – all at once – it hits me like a ton of bricks – or perhaps like the matchbox car that just got tossed into my head at appalling speeds – I miss being a writer. You see – earlier this year I left the University life – hanging up my professor glasses and patched overcoat – and put on my holiday teacher dress as I headed back to the classroom to teach fifth grade. The move feels right – and the boys (I teach at a boy school) are energizing and smelly. But amidst all this change I lost THE conversation – the one that goes something like “yo how is that article coming – or will you read this draft of my paper” – and so – I simply stopped writing all together  – while never really noticing the hole until it was just so big – and I was scared I might fall in if I returned. But – as explorers must do – I have trudged back to the trenches where I will begin again – and hope some of my old fellows will resdiscover me and start another grand conversation. Until then. TTFN -DCS

PS – Did I mention it is a snow day?