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What is your story?
November 2, 2007, 3:23 pm
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As writers we ask our world each day: What is the story here?

So when Mac says he is “really sorry about what just happened to the bathroom wall,” my first thought is “damn,  he has arrived at the age where he will remember and probably repeat the string of obscenities I am about to try on” and my second thought is “hmmmmm … what is the story here?” Well the story that day is that according to reliable male sources … sometimes when you put off mundane tasks, like going to the bathroom, in favor of more important endeavors, like launching matchbox cars down spiral staircases, that you relinquish the privilege of taking the time to actually aim at that large thing in the bathroom us girls call a toilet. Last night the story was that I was so overwhelmed with guilt after sending my youngest to school, after staying at home with him the day before, only to arrive and find him sitting sadly in his teacher’s lap just feeling like poo. So we huddled and we scuddled and we all went to bed early and that story is still open ….because I wonder if there is a better way or another calling where as I can do more for my family while still developing as a professional and providing that financial support. And that story is the one I am thinking about today. What is your story gentle reader? It has been a while since we have talked.