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October 26, 2007, 7:27 pm
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Creative Writing

In the coming weeks one of my classes is going to wade – and then sink right down into the world of creative writing in the elem. school classroom.  In anticipation of this event, I have been combing through my books and various websites for refreshing ideas. Below I share a couple of my favs with you  …. And I would love for you to respond with a couple of your own. Until then …

  • Bodystorming:  a student lies down on a large piece of butcher paper and a partner traces a leg, an arm, or the whole darn body … the student then reflects on her traced body part and recalls words, sounds, and any conclusive memories … which she then records in the outlined form (idea taken from a presentation by the Virginia Writing Project).
  • Sausage poems: Poems for vegetarians and carnivores alike. A string of words with matching endings and beginnings. Choose either letters or sounds for the word boundary matches (it gets confusing if both are allowed)”
    Example: Good dogs shouldn’t tell lies”  (taken directly from:
  • Basket poem:  (check out:
  • Message in a bottle: (taken from Houghton Mifflin series) Have children think about a part of the world they are studying in Social Studies and then create a story about their adventure, set  in a specified time period and accompanied by a map of the area. Upon completion – creations are placed in plastic bottles and set afloat in the water table.
  • Seven days of daring deeds: seven groups write one story about an unfolding adventure over seven days. (see:
  • Pass it on: students sit in a circle with a clipboard, paper, and pen in hand. A story starter is given: “It is Halloween night ….” The students write for three minutes and then pass their story to the person on their right … the receiver continues the previous writer’s storyline until it is time to pass again.
  • Interior / Exterior Boxes: You will love this =
  • Given the situation:  Give students a variety of situations and ask them to respond in a paragraph or less. For example: You just got an offer to teach at a school in Japan ….


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