Playground Uprising

Can I eat Boogers?
September 12, 2007, 1:13 pm
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Did I mention that we are now back to “sleeping” in our house. For those folks that don’t have children this may seem like an insignificant feat, but for the rest of us – we know to have children go to sleep and stay asleep is akin to winning the Virginia Lottery. So, several nights ago I was alarmed when a wee voice took up hollering down the spiral staircase, “mommy I need you.” My first reaction was to scream “go back to bed before I throw you out on the streets” but with this urge suppressed I managed a, “honey what do you need?” Which was met by this inquisition: “CAN I EAT BOOGERS?” As if this was an innocent question under deep contemplation. But I knew better – having been privy to other similar conversations like “can I eat a dime?” and “can I flush a roll of toilet paper down the toilet?” These questions were actually not questions at all but undercover confessions to crimes already committed. So, I responded, “I would highly discourage it but for those friends that have already eaten boogers I think they will be just fine but perhaps they may want to refrain for doing it again in the future.” To which dad helpfully chimed in, “Son that is totally disgusting man.” So in an effort to squelch parental anxieties Mac shared – “You know the dime I ate mom – it came out in the toilet – this will too –so don’t worry.” And the evening concluded with mom and dad looking at each other – relieved he did not chose to eat a matchbox car.


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Oh my gosh Dorothy! Rob and I are laughing so hard I can barely type. I just discovered that you are blogging again and I can’t decide what is more exciting- that you have a picture with Hilary or that you are blogging again!

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