Playground Uprising

September 4, 2007, 1:27 pm
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Mamma does not eat meat. I stopped when I was young – after a long stint of gamboling with my friends the sheep, the cows, and the goats on my buddy’s farm. The change occurred abruptly, the day I opened my friend’s refrigerator (in desperate search of a popsicle) only to find a freezer full of neatly stacked white paper packages adorned in marker with the names: Bluebell, Fred, and Doris. Now it is true, earlier that week I had wondered where they might have ventured off to and why they had excluded me on their jaunt, but never did I think that they had embarked on a one way trip with a meat cleaver. And so I stopped eating meat that day – almost 17 years ago. Mac, however, has just started to become aware of my dietary preferences and with this awareness is an accompanied insistence of plausible explanations. The one that I recently offered went something like this: “The thought of eating animals makes mommy sad and I know that the land is happier when we use it to grow crops, BUT daddy and granddad eat meat and that is just fine. You have to make a decision that works for you.” And so armed with this information Mac has decided that he “does not eat creatures of the sea” though he does not appear to have an issue with slaughter houses. I suppose his logical reasonings are still unraveling as evident by last week’s questions: “So mom who died for this chocolate chip cookie and by the way where does chicken come from?” Ok, so we have declined to contact the gifted programs as of yet. Did I mention he is a hell of an athlete.


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You tell Mac lot’s of people died and would die for that cookie so he better eat it up quick before his mama snakes it from him!

Comment by ginnygill

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