Playground Uprising

When I am 49
May 23, 2007, 12:39 pm
Filed under: Children, Family, vacation


We went to Sandbridge this past weekend to spend time with my aunt and uncle. They do not have children and therefore made the misguided assumption that inviting our family to spend several days at their beach house would somehow be relaxing. I remember relaxing when I was 27, BMCA (before mac came along), and plan to resume my life of leisure at the approximate age of 49 when I predict that Mac and Charlie will be engrossed in the world of higher education or paying penitence for bad decisions…. whatever the road may hold we have made it clear that it will not involve our couch. So upon arrival, my aunt and uncle invited us to settle in for an afternoon of naps and books which sounded spectacular if it wasn’t for the little person whizzing racecars around the coffee table while requesting his third breakfast bar of the morning and his screaming accomplice who is famished since it has been a whole 2 hours since his last feast. Understanding the importance of reinforcements in these situations, I called my partner in crime who brilliantly lives in Norfolk and she suggested we meet up at aquarium for some squid, shark, and teddy graham entertainment. Done! Following the wet outing, we headed home for a scrumptious dinner of shrimp which Mac refused to eat, protesting, “I do not eat creatures of the sea” (apparently slaughter houses are just fine as evident by his mass consumption of chicken nuggets) and instead opted for a delectable peanut butter sandwich with the crust cut off thank you. Following dinner, he spent the next part of the evening scrubbing the bench, which he cleverly left his insignia in earlier using his choice tool of a bread knife. That said, we did not think it strange as our aunt and uncle gave each other a high five as we slowly pulled out of the driveway the next morning with the car loaded down in pack and plays, toy soldiers, and breakfast bars.


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