Playground Uprising

Back in the Saddle
May 16, 2007, 1:34 pm
Filed under: Children, Family, work


This is my third day back at work and the black birds are not circling and I have seen no evidence of locust or plague (outside of last night’s dinner attempt) so I suppose that it is safe to say that the world has not come to an end despite my insistence of that inevitability. Charlie is hanging with Mac’s old babysitter awaiting June 4th when he can start his big boy school and Mac is busy cutting his friend’s shoelaces and inquiring why we celebrate Mothers and Fathers day but have not plans to break out the cupcakes for “Boy’s Day,” so I suggested he contact Hallmark because they are all about instituting new holidays, to which he responded, “I will let you call about that tomorrow mom.” I of course will get right on that as soon as I finish booking my tour around Italy. Next week will prove to be a wee bit challenging in that my three night classes begin and Greg is off to New York for several days for business which leads one to ask why my work takes me up 95 and his takes him to Broadway. An interesting thought to ponder. But not having family to baby-sit the boogaloos has inspired us to create a team of babysitters that have not criminal record (to our knowledge) and love our misfits as much as we do and for that we are blessed.


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