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What I Have Loved Most About Being A Stay-At-Home Mom
April 11, 2007, 4:20 pm
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1. I can go to coffee with my buddies and solve world problems or at least address possibilities for household peace
2. That I genuinely understand that city parks, school playgrounds, mall jungle gyms, and libraries are invaluable contributions to maternal sanity and should be protected on the level of national security
3. Morning runs up Park and down Monument Avenue where I share a smile with the man with the beagle, the guy with the green gloves, the professor heading to work, and my neighbor with the barking dog … you are all loved and will be missed
4. My 1pm luncheon companions of Cheese Toast and Days of Our Lives … it is reassuring that in soap land the world has stood relatively still since college
5. Barnes and Nobles where we visit Thomas the Train and consume abnormal amounts of coffee, apple juice, and granola bars as we read books about armed turtles and anything with wheels or wings and attempt to evade the stares of caring staff who contemplate whether we maintain an actual residence or just sleep in the car after closing
6. Mommy and Macky days highlighted by Busch Gardens, the Science Museum, the Children’s Museum, the mall choo choo, afternoon tantrums (both his and mine), microwave popcorn, and a movie
7. Afternoon yoga
8. Making muffins, cupcakes, and well intentioned family dinners with a boy standing on a stool with pudding covered hands
9. An inability to cling to maternal crankiness while in the presence of a pipsqueak’s smile
10. Knowing that if I check out tomorrow, today I have all I have ever wanted in the man I have loved since high school and can’t imagine an adventure without; a 4 year old knocking on five with a rowdy spirit, contemplative heart, and unnatural attraction to camouflage; and a pipsqueak who completed the family I value more than chocolate (and there isn’t anyone or anything else that qualifies for that category!!!)


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So lovely.

Comment by stacey

YOu could not say it anymore perfect than number 10.

Comment by Ginny

I fully understand and appreciate motherhood and the work it involves. Its interesting how they (mothers) just know the right things to say and do know matter the situation. We’re (Personal Closet LLC) putting in place a program that will assist the mothers at our company be there for their children (company paid on-site daycare and paid family days off) – our children are our future, lets make everyday count… ERM

Comment by Eric McNack CEO

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