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The Nothing We Need
April 10, 2007, 4:43 pm
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How do we make it Ok and where do we find our solace in life’s lunacy? When I am at work I am present in the task and don’t worry about the extraneous but there is always a palpable absence and longing for a quieted peace. When I am at home and little hands dose off and there is a respite from the giggles and the diapers and the cries, leaving this peace within reach, I bypass the option to grab the computer where I check e-mail, send a present, or write, all which cause me to get bogged down in the unimportant for too long as I search for the unnecessary instead of settle for the nothingness that I think our souls and sanity need most. So where do we find this nothing that we need in order to give appropriately to the something? Any thoughts …


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I agree that our souls and sanity need the “nothingness.” I believe that’s what meditation is for, and I know I always write about this in class–or at least for two of the essays–but it’s something that totally changed my life. People say, “Meditation isn’t what you
‘think,'” and “Meditation is the cure for ‘dis-ease.'” I was searching for a lot about ten years ago, and I landed in a community that meditates. I’m not searching anymore because what I really want is the peace that comes from within. Enough preaching! Thanks for sharing this site with us in class!

Comment by Melissa R.

Naps work for me.

Comment by stephenconnolly

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