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The Best Ride of All
April 6, 2007, 4:29 pm
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I took the boys to Busch Gardens yesterday; the same place my granddad Henry use to take me and my husband vowed never to grace.  After an hour of “are we there yet,” “I am hot,” “I am cold,” “can you roll down the window,” “Charlie stinks” and “what ya got to eat,” we arrived at the parking lot where I promptly wrote in large pink marker “Italy 36” on my hand in an effort not to replay past parking lot distress dramas. We then nabbed the tram to the security checkpoint which amounted to a middle aged gentleman looking at my diaper bag and deciding the effort to look through it exceeded the likelihood of me carrying a firearm, so he waved us in the direction of our designated waiting place, Big Ben (apparently he moonlights in Williamsburg), in time for a bottle fix before meeting up with my girlfriend Carrie and her wee ones. I was immediately drawn to the drones of the theater, promising a 25-minute hiatus from the sugar and thunderous park vibrations and evoking an epiphany regarding my grandfather’s professed and situational attraction to musicals.  Mac unfortunately shared my childhood philosophy that theater is the lesser citizen when in the company of soaring helicopters and high flying swings, so we cruised through Italy and then Germany as we made our way to Dragon Land, a place wallpapered by snotty noses, diaper bags, and shrieks of joy and protest from little people quite sure they have found their oasis. It was here we hit the monstrous jungle gym, the teacup tumbler, and antique carousal before standing in line for 20 minutes for the privilege of riding a large green dragon around a water mote as a poor soul loaded kids on and off the medieval paradise. A lunch of peanut butter sandwiches, cantaloupe, cheerios, goldfish, granola bars, and wheat thins was then supplied by Café Mom, you know the establishment that is far too cheap to purchase the $7 nugget plate or Candied Apple (the ones guaranteed to provoke multiple sugar induced tirades) for her child but feels completely justified to sport herself a $3 Pepsi. Priorities. Next we nonchalantly highlighted the additional park offerings that just happened to lead us straight to the exit gate. And there we were, barely out of the parking lot, Mac and Charlie asleep in the backseat and me equipped with a Balance bar and 45 minutes of chatter free radio, the best ride of all.


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