Playground Uprising

A Nickel Short
April 4, 2007, 10:24 pm
Filed under: Children, parenthood, parenting


Mac swallowed a nickel today at school.

My immediate reaction was an inappropriate chuckle followed by mild pangs of panic, a panic apparently not warranted nor shared by the greater public as evident by my call to the doctor, where the secretary graciously put me through to voicemail; and my call to my husband, the one obviously forgoing his nomination for father of the year, who informed me he was on a conference call and would have to get back to me; and my phone conversation with Mac’s teacher, who assured me Mac seemed more concerned that his five cents might cost him a gum ball than the fact he jingled when he walked.

Nonetheless, I raced over to school, got the man of the hour, the one banking change for the next natural disaster, and found myself unable to resist asking the stupid, “why did you elected to swallow the nickel you took to school last week because you were studying the ever popular letter “N”, the one I had written off and now stand to regain, to which he replied, “I wanted to see how it taste.”

This seemed to make sense to me, which is worrisome in itself, so I decided to follow up the absurd with the ridiculous and threw out on the table, “Well for my own future reference, what did you think?” To which he responded with expert confidence, “Don’t recommend it mom.”

About this time the doctor finished her lunch break and gave a call back to see if my child was in fact still breathing and assured me kids eat money all the time (good to know) and it would be exiting out the back door over the next three days so to be on the look out for silver, to which I responded “appetizing” and thanked her for her concern and impressive response time.

Mac and I then decided to take advantage of our new found afternoon together and grabbed a haircut followed by a McFlurry packaged in the deal that I would expunged his five cent debt if he spotted me a bite, one with lots of M&Ms.

And tomorrow we will hunt for silver.


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