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March 30, 2007, 5:05 pm
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Friday is grocery day. It also use to be laundry day, however, that schedule has expanded to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I am not sure how one extra kid equates to 7 extra pounds of dirty clothes, but again I use a calculator to compute everything from coupon savings to just how far I would like to move away from crazed family members. I share this information with you because somehow schedules give me a sense of world order; one I know is false but like living the illusion. On Fridays I prefer to shop at the Carytown Ukrops, lured by their 10 flavors of hot Joe, but also frequent the Grace Street location because it is around the corner from our home, and though frequented by heavily tattooed college students and homeless folks, it feels familiar and comfortable, which in itself should be disturbing. Today, however, I went to Walmart. I don’t like Walmart. I don’t like their produce. I don’t like the fact that their shopping cart child seat is so narrow that Charlie’s carrier slants down as if in anticipation of a luge run. I also don’t like the vastness that is Walmart; it exploits my leanings to Attention Deficit and ever since I read the book Nickel and Dimed, I know I should be picketing instead of shopping, because the only reason those people smile at me is to avoid getting fired before they have to head off to their second job that in combination won’t cover a week’s rent at a seedy hotel. But, with that said, I haven’t found a cheaper place to stock up on diapers for those among us who pee their pants and toilet paper that seems to be rarely used by those that don’t and fish for folks that would rather have steak but not enough to actually participate in the shopping, and so there I was today sheepishly vowing, like last month, to never return. I think today I really mean it.


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Don’t they have Costco where you are? Guilt-free diaper(and pull-up)shopping. Their stores are a delight to shop in and the staff is well-paid.

Laundry day? That’s a good one. Every day is laundry day at my house.

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