Playground Uprising

Fit TV
March 28, 2007, 9:29 am
Filed under: Children, Family, fitness, getting old



Ok, I just saw the funniest thing I have seen since Mac picked up my cell phone and proclaimed, “Hi this is Power Rangers Ninja Force ready to report for action sir.” First a little background. We just switched from Comcast cable and internet service to Verizon Fios, offering us a ridiculous numbers of channels to rot our brains at alarming speeds while chipping slowly away at our already low levels of maturity and personal depth. My favorite channel is entitled “Fit TV.” Now what is not to like about taking a passive activity like TV watching and blending it soulfully with short segments of men and women exercising in unfortunate outfits that could only signify a life without access to a full length mirror. Well today when I tuned in for my fitness fix there were two Amazon women in shiny, neon blue, Jane Fonda leotards working through what appeared to be the opening number of Riverdance. Not wanting to pass up the magic of this moment, I picked up baby Charlie with all of his chins and attempted to master the moves. As the two of us kicked up our heals with striking resemblance to the psychiatric patient in last night’s episode of ER, we caught a glimps of two bewildered workman, whose attention had been diverted from our neighbor’s roof, looking amusingly through our den window as they picked up their cell phones to capture the scene for UTube.


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