Playground Uprising

March 26, 2007, 2:13 pm
Filed under: Children, Family, Life, parenthood, parenting, Soccer, sports, sunburn

I am not yet in the mode of sunhats and sunscreens as evident by Charlie’s pomegranate glow. Moms should be equipped with a colossal sunhat adorned with manic animal figures ready to pounce on unexpecting and unnaturally large baby heads at the slightest hint of sun, a fact I knew but failed to see as applicable to yesterday’s soccer match. Now the pangs of guilt are only matched by the umpa-lumpa staring back at me with an unbeknownst smile of a child not even considering calling his congressman or neighborhood civic leader to report the offense. In an attempt to admit my transgression and turn myself in, I called the pediatrician who nonchalantly replied with one word: lotion. I was hoping for a subtle berating of my irresponsibility and inattention but I suppose I will have to settle for a self-inflicted time-out.


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Mommy guilt. Mommy time-outs are great with gin :o)

Comment by oneiopen

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