Playground Uprising

City Dwelling on Two Feet, Two Wheels, and a Jogger
March 23, 2007, 4:55 pm
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Let us break now for celebration …

Yesterday a new line of transportation opened up in Richmond in the form of a bright blue two-wheeler with training wheels. I love this idea of training wheels. We should all have the opportunity to opt for initial support to help our balance as we embark on new endeavors. For example, before teaching a new course I would like the author of the text to stop in for a consult, a personal assistant to design my PowerPoints, an investigator to assess the threat levels of hostile students, and a baker to whip up a fresh batch of morning bagels because nothing says support better than carbs with a hole in the middle. I will make sure to share these thoughts at the next faculty meeting (likely under the auspice of someone else’s name, considering I am not yet tenured).

Now back to the story.

Mac’s bike is not new. He got it back in October, but city dwelling leaves us short on cul-de-sacs and sending him out alone to experience the speeding cars, rogue college students, and bands of kind but oddly dressed homeless people is not advisable. Plus our innate bad parenting skills have caused us to succumb to the wintry chill instead of rising to the challenge of accompaniment.

Though this environment may sound foreboding to our suburban counterparts we moved to the city because urban living is Richmond at its best. I love that on a clear day we can walk through historic neighborhoods to the grocery store, the drugstore, the cleaners, the art galleries, the coffee shops, the play parks, and the innumerable quaint restaurants where you get local flavor at reasonable prices all while supporting families not neon signs.

And yesterday was one of those days, so I laced up my sneakers, strapped Charlie into the jogger, positioned a space age contraption (that would likely get you beat up in middle school, and rightly so) on Mac’s hard noggin and we were off, but not to the play park on the adjoining block, as in previous adventures, but a mile and a half to our neighborhood school that owns the bragging rights to the best little playground in town, sporting 4 jungle gyms, an elaborate swing set, and a soccer field were even the surliest of characters run themselves nice.

Upon arrival, we bought Tagalongs Peanut Butter Patties from the Girl Scouts out front, Mac ran to meet his 30 best friends he has never seen, and I cracked upon a bottle for Charlie as I plopped down for adult conversation with the neighbors who also celebrate this oasis that is now obtainable on a Thursday jaunt.

Life on two wheels in the city is indeed good!


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