Playground Uprising

The XM Exit
March 20, 2007, 11:27 am
Filed under: Life, literacy, xm radio

Today I cancelled my XM radio.

I was lured in originally by the promise of endless channel choices  and commercial free music. All for $13.99. It was a steal!

Monday I was in the main branch of the Richmond Library and spotted something magical but familiar: books on CD. These friends use to accompany me to work, the grocery store, and other random outings during the simple years. And unlike the appeal of plenty in my XM world, I grew close to these companions for their decidedly lack of luster. Mysteries, Westerns, and Classical Prose, genres I once thought of as the relatives you dread seeing on the holidays, became my driving companions, and not because I had become more open minded and accepting  (oh please, not that) but simply because everyone else on the shelf preferred a cassette player, something my car didn’t have.  So each week we would come together, form a bond, and return to meet the rest of the gang. All for the price of nothing, zero, zilch, and nada.

What’s more, where my XM days use to bring me the serenity of continuous country tunes, these moments were now interrupted by promises of smaller butts, larger busts, and nights few can imagine without the promise of medication. Plus in my search for broader understandings, I had found myself compulsively switching between Republican, Democrat, and Christian talk radio where productive dialogues of faith and difference had been replaced by rants of exclusion, possession, and blame, and I have enough crazy in my own family to warrant swearing off such rhetoric.

So starting tomorrow, I will get into my car with my new pal, pledge my loyalty to him for the week, vow to keep my hands off the station control, and think about how I can now afford to spend that $13.99 on an Orea Blizzard at Diary Queen.



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