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Soccer Mom???
March 19, 2007, 5:32 pm
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I am not a soccer mom. I drive a 4-door sedan. I think that fact alone disqualifies me. Soccer moms wear mom jeans and carry lawn chairs, plaid wool blankets, and plastic coolers. My kid doesn’t even own a pair of sweatpants, a fact I managed to overlook until we showed up at Seminary Fields for our first game to find sweatpants in all colors of the rainbow careening the field.

Sunday was Mac’s first game. It was also the first time he had ever seen a soccer ball. A friend turned me onto the idea and when I looked on the website to find “four-year olds do not have weekly practices, only Sunday games” I thought this was the sport for us.

The idea of pulling on your shin guards and getting yourself in the game gels well with my own worldly outlook. Why waste time with formalities like rules, drills and safety concerns, lets just get out there and play damn it!

And that is just what they did, in true four year-old style, all 25 of  them, kicking their red, blue, and pink size-3 three soccer balls (who knew these suckers came in sizes) around the field as moms and dads stole a couple of minutes of adult conversation and snapped digital photos from the side lines.

Unfortunately, the chaos of the 25 soccer balls intermixed with the 50 stumps romping around the field must have gotten to Mac, who like his mother abhors disorder, so he picked up his ball and concentrated on reaching the other side of the field faster than his teammates who were slowed down by petty concerns such as leg and eye coordination. The coach seemed to think this was OK since it did not break any of the three rules stated just prior to starting: don’t hit, don’t cry, and have fun.

And so there you have it: a boy who now loves soccer, a ball that has barely touched the grassy field, a mom who got to talk to other adults about things outside of sippy cups, and a new appreciation for mom jeans and vehicles with large sliding doors.


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Your kid plays soccer. You ARE a soccer mom now. Get over it 🙂 Enjoy.

Comment by LDSM

You better back off with all this “MOM MOBILE” talk. I could not live without my minivaan AND I am npt afraid to run your BEEP OVER!!!! Gerat pic though, love, me

Comment by Ginny

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