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A Plump Peewee
March 15, 2007, 4:27 pm
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On Wednesday Charlie turned the calendar on thirteen-weeks and proceeded to turn his 3-6  month clothes over to those wee babes not on track to be a 120 pound 3 year-old.

The question is do I reserve him a place at Fat Camp now or get in touch with Jenny Craig Jr. and pray for a turn around.

Mac was also a sizable boy, a fact largely overlooked until an elderly gentleman stopped me at the elevator to remark, “Wow, your baby is VERY substantial,” which made me think, “Wow, I wish I could say the same about the number of hours you have devoted to morning readings of Emily Post.”

Our proclivity to monstrous size children is peculiar since Greg and I are people of small stature, on a variety of levels, and likely wouldn’t crack the 270 pound mark if I was to stand on his shoulders, something we haven’t done since we left the circus.

Nonetheless, there is nothing I love more than jelly-rolls and copious chins on a little man that welcomes each morning with a gigantic smile for farm friends that hang over his crib and keep him abreast of today’s likelihood of incoming Krispy Creams.


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I just came across your blog… as a mom of 2 little boys… one whom was very thin – and the other who was more round, but muscular when he was a baby – ohhh… the comments I would get from people “what do you feed him” – “he is much bigger than hs brother, and he’s younger”! ugh! used to drive me mad! Your blog made me laugh… thanks for the blog! (By the way, I LOVE jelly-roles!)
– Audrey

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