Playground Uprising

Too Late For A Cocker Spaniel …
March 13, 2007, 12:33 pm
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Mac decided to exert his independence last night and continue his retaliation against sleep, as Greg and I shifted gears between childish, bemused giggles and indignation as Mac offered down-the-hall pleas of “I need you daddy,” “Where did you go daddy?” and “Is anyone, anyone is this whole wide world here for me.” Having now garnered a certain amount of familiarity with these antics, we made (or attempted to make) the conscious decision to stay calm, repeating mantras one might hear on a New Age, self-help retreat (know any?): “breathe,” “this too will pass,” and “I hope my head doesn’t start spinning around at unrecognizable speeds as we try to defeat Satan.” The battle, though well fought, cannot be deemed a complete success since at 1:30am I looked down on the floor and saw Mac curled up in the fetal position with only a throw pillow, dirty towel, and Curious George. But with the focus on the positive, we kept our cool, we kept affirming that we loved him dearly but couldn’t permit him to sleep in our bed, and we kept a sense of humor (though fragile) that had alluded us in prior wars. I think a lot of this parenting thing is not about training your children to become better listeners but challenging ourselves to become more understanding and patience individuals and that must be a good thing since I am pretty sure it is too late to settle for buying a cocker spaniel that is house trained and walks calmly on a leash.


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Oh my goodness! I love the comment about there not being any one in the world for him!! Really and truly, he and Caroline are cut from the same cloth!

Comment by stacey

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