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The Things We Look Forward To …
March 13, 2007, 9:45 pm
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As a twenty-year old enjoying my college years, if someone had of told me that one day I would look forward to the opportunity to sit in a parked car than I likely would have thought them mad.

But that is exactly what has happened.

On Saturday, Greg needed to run into Best Buy and I volunteered to WAIT IN THE CAR. Today my mother wanted to make a short stop at a local clothing store and I offered with odd enthusiasm to again WAIT IN THE CAR.

You might think that it is the serenity of a quiet car that pulls me in but you would be wrong. You see, I forgot to mention, that I am not alone. Oh no. I have two children in the back seat. One asking various and sundry questions like: What is that smell? (you will find the answer in yourself or perhaps your pants my friend) Why is that car yellow? Is that man having a baby? And other thoughtful inquiries … while the pipsqueak has taken up the hobby of letting out barbarous rants when placed in a motor vehicle that has ceased to move for more than 30 seconds … but despite these peaceful melodies there is something calming encapsulated in the moments and I am pretty sure it has something to do with restraints.

You see, the car enables me to do something I cannot do at home without taking the risk of serving jail time: strap the children to their chairs and forbid them to move until further notice. I find this act empowering because it allows me to detach from reality for several minutes without worrying if a little person is jumping off the sofa, spilling grape juice, or assaulting a classmates, and in my world these are all causes for celebrations.

So if you ever see us parked in a deserted lot at midnight … please don’t alert the authorities …. we are simply on vacation … my vacation.


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I like to buckle them in and then take a few minutes just outside the door before I open it up and enter the circus…

Comment by Ginny

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