Playground Uprising

Spiderman and Sponge Bob
March 9, 2007, 1:18 pm
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Mac was potty trained at two (I wish we could get him house trained).

Thank goodness for little classmates who saw the merits of not sitting in their own excrements and helped to lead us to dryer pastures. Though placing a high value on trucks, slimy creatures, and teddy grahams, Mac shared Brittany Spears’ vision of underwear: Just Ain’t All That Necessary.

Despite agreeing to wear fashionable Spiderman and Sponge Bob underwear during the day with excessively dry success, we relied on pull-ups at night to get us through the wet times, first out of necessity and then out of pure maternal laziness, whereas as I saw no reason to create opportunities for additional late night crisis.

However, Mac is now four-years-old and Charlie sleeps through the night, null in voiding my inventive excuses for avoiding midnight get togethers, so as of Wednesday night we packed up the big boy diapers, saving them for my later years, and invited Spiderman and Sponge Bob in for another shift.

Now each morning we have a mild celebration of whatever happened during the wee-wee hours. You see I believe young children need to feel early successes, so regardless of the number of accidents and nature of late night activities we toast with apple juice and pop a couple of M&Ms as we offer congratulatory speeches over breakfast.

But …. I do hope, as we lead into the weekend, there will be reason to celebrate a drought.


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Try taking him again before oyu guys hit the sack.. studies show if they are going to have an accident it happens within the first few hours of sleep… GOOD LUCK!!!!

Comment by Ginny

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