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HoHos and DingDongs
March 8, 2007, 1:45 pm
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I didn’t use to worry about my diet.

High school mornings involved back hall rap sessions, a Coca Cola, and a HoHo. Every once in a while I would mix it up a bit with a DingDong but the Coke remained the same; you just don’t mess with a Classic.

The Dark Days of nutrition followed me to college where each day on my way home from the stables, having overshot the dining hall hours, I took up eating at the local Exxon where the processed food was plentiful and my mother’s gas card covered the loot.

Fortunately, I have always been a runner, a rider, and avid nervous pacer so my weight gain stayed at a minimum and my caffeine and refined sugars enabled me to sustain late night study sessions and Twinkie support groups.

After college, during the working years, I enjoyed a healthful respite as time was plentiful for food preparation, exercise, an adult conversation, but this sunshine was short lived, and though I do not have any vivid memory of breaking a large dining room mirror over my knee, my bad nutritional luck re-upped for another seven years and followed me through the dark sugar laden halls of graduate school. It was about this time that it occurred to me that if the stress didn’t succeed in shutting down a vital organ than my diet just might be my metaphorical push into oncoming traffic, not a completely unattractive alternative at the time. So I evaluated my diet. Decided it sucked. And just as quickly realized my plate was full and there was no room or energy for brussels sprouts or further self-examination.

But, today, school behind me, a husband beside me, and children under the table eating stale goldfish, I have decided it is time for a little housekeeping. Now it is not that I eat unhealthy food. I stay away from saturated fats, animal products, and HoHos, but tend to get caught in the rhythmic rut of bagels, spinach, and cheese, and though none of these dining delights are offenders by themselves, their reoccurring presence on my plate, intermixed with daily protein bars, just might be the culprits draining my energy and triggering the headaches, so tomorrow I will set out to see a nutritionist and get her opinion on desserts in shiny packages.

What are some of your healthy eating hints? Anybody? Anybody at all …


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I agree with the vegetarianism, no meat, fowl, fish, or eggs. I stay pretty healthy with that. Have you checked out Ellwood Thompson’s Natural Foods Market in Carytown? They have a great selection of vegetarian foods, organic foods, and supplements.

Comment by Melissa R.

eating off the kid plates doesn’t count, does it????

Comment by Ginny

You really don’t want any hints from me… I promise :o)

Comment by spha

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