Playground Uprising

The Mobile
March 6, 2007, 12:57 pm
Filed under: Children, Family, parenting


Hi, hi there, how are you?

(Charlie says, flailing his exposed arms in enthusiasm as he opens his eyes to loyal friends Cow, Horse, Chicken, and Sheep. The early years of new words and experiences, makes the simplistic names seem innovative and on-point.)

So, what have you guys been doing while I was dreaming about a pending formula increases to 9 ounces and telling my playground partners that my fanny is moving into a new zip code also known as size 2 diapers, far surpassing societal expectations for rear end growth.

(Each morning is a joyous celebration of his friends’ return from imagined greener pastures and plastic palaces since certainly they couldn’t have been hanging in the hinted darkness of city life during the last 8 hours of family rejoiced infant slumber.)

Oooooh, oooooh, loved talking to you Friends but I think I hear Mom clomping down the hall, awakening the old wooden floor with a creak and soon she will be peeking over my trough with funny faces and soothing and nonsense syllables that though foreign bring with them the comfort of my morning.


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I just wanted to say… Charlie is such a cutie pie!

Comment by spha

Parkers friends are zebra, elehant, and horse, However, lately even they can not appease the beast in the morning hours…. oh well, it was wonderful while it lasted….

Comment by Ginny

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