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Sometimes It Is Just Not Enough
March 5, 2007, 4:02 pm
Filed under: Family, Friends, Life

Sometimes it is just not enough …

The some of the sometimes comes, goes, changes shape, and then may just subtly dwindle away.

The some may be the frozen waffles in the shape of various animal heads that have mysteriously disappeared from one breakfast seating to the next sparking an unmediated outrage, or the size one diapers offering a perfect fit just yesterday now overcome with excess newborn fanny, or the some may take the form of absent but not forgotten Saturday night fried cheese sandwiches at Coppola’s washed down with a $1.99 Byrd movie and a $3.00 chocolate chip cookie served by women clothed in vintage Oscar wear.

The rub becomes what part of the some to gently let pass with the confidence, that albeit not now, it will someday return like the comfortable invitation of an old friend, and what part of the some has vanished because its tune is outdated and it is time to move forward, and what part of the some has been squeezed out when in fact its presence is vital, prompting us to move out some of the old habits, moments, and ways of being that are crowding the room so there is space for the important.

Just some things to ponder.


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how do you do spongebob. I love spongebob so mush ok

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