Playground Uprising

Yellow Overalls and Firetrucks
February 27, 2007, 5:29 pm
Filed under: Children, Family, parenting


He sat there on his granddad’s dock, in his yellow overalls and fireman Tee, leaning against the weathered wooden door, completely reliant on its support. A couple hours earlier he had been “dressed-up” by his mom with the excitement of a young girl receiving her first doll as she carefully tugged and toiled until he was ready for display. Today that boy can dress himself and he has no patience for such productions.

Yesterday, his overalls and fire trucks, since put away and replaced by Kaki pants and striped rugbies, resurfaced on a younger, red haired version of himself. Though now there is a bit of sadness hooked under the tags of this yellow get-up because his mom knows that there will be no more little fireman to grow into the small memories and that they will eventually be packed up and passed on to a family at church, who will appreciate their function but not fully understand their worth.

And mom, boy, and red-headed brother will have to turn their eyes to a bright future whose excitement is today a bit muffled by the loss of what will soon be left behind.


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Isn’t it crazy seeing the little ones in hand-me-downs… it makes me get very sentimental too! It also makes Katherine look just like Caroline which she normally doesn’t…

Comment by stacey

so true…..

Comment by Ginny

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