Playground Uprising

Fireman on Vacation
February 20, 2007, 11:14 pm
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I took the pipsqueak and the Dean of Destruction to the office today. “What were you thinking?” you must be asking yourselves about now… well I suppose the logical answer would go something like this …. “no thinking involved and in hindsight it might not have been a bad idea to call upon a brain cell or two.” Nonetheless, my colleagues and students had not met the little pipsqueak and Mac was outraged at the idea of being left out of the commotion (I meant to tell him that he is the commotion) and so before I knew it the three of us were heading up 95. As a professor one of my primary research areas is children’s writing and since maternity leave has slowed my endeavors, I have fixed on harassing my own child. Today’s misadventure prompted me to share an original by brother bear Mac (Mac has come to accept that his crazy mother races for a pen and paper every time he starts to spin a tale). So here’s the one from today.

Fireman on Vacation


Once upon a time me and Charlie were going to the hospital.

(Pauses to shove seven goldfish in mouth)

It was not for potty time. But once we got there …. there was a big fire inside and then it went away by itself.

(Pauses to ask for a cookie … takes approximately two bites of his grilled cheese, constructs the Leaning Tower of Pisa with banana slices, and polishes off the last goldfish …. Quite the healthy dinner I know).

The fire started because they had a big battle fight. Everyone didn’t die because they drunk the water from the fire hoses.

You need to look at the picture at the top now people.

I had Charlie in my hands and I rescued him and I threw the bad guy into the sea. You know the one that was standing there by the train tracks. Then I put him on the track and the train ran over him and he went SPLAT, splat like a pancake.

Now that is the end. It is a pretty long story.

And I was even nice to Charlie.

Now how many bananas do I need to eat to get one of daddy’s cookies.



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Oh my goodness…I haven’t done this with Caroline in ages- not since we had a cat stuck in our tree this summer and the firemen came to help us get it down- we still read that story- I need to do it again- thank you for the reminder!

Comment by lovebugandrolleypolley

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