Playground Uprising

Save the Elephants
February 19, 2007, 12:35 pm
Filed under: Children, Family, Life, parenting


Tomorrow we are taking the children to the circus.

This probably sounds like festive family fun for most of America but for me it elicits sparks of trepidation.

It is not that I think I am going to be run over by a Mini carrying 27 clowns fleeing the scene in search of plain colored clothes and better hair days (though this does evoke several childhood memories) or that I might experience heart palpitations at the thought of shoveling $10 out for a stick of cotton candy, the type that funds our dentist’s three vacation homes, so my son won’t have to seek therapy (there will be too many other good reasons) to work through his feelings of childhood deprivation, it really all comes down to the animals.

I am the type of person who won’t let my sons have a gerbil because the idea of shoving an animal, even a furry rodent, in a cage makes me unduly sad, though there are several people where I would consider this to be totally appropriate.

Nonetheless, tomorrow, under great personal duress, I will pack the diaper bag full of wipes to clean up spilt cola and sticky hands and withdrawal the better portion of the boys college fund to purchase neon nutritional snacks (I draw the line at tacky t-shirts) and sit amongst the ranks of extended family members, who truly can put on the “Greatest Show on Earth” at important functions and holidays, and say a little prayer for my four ton  friends.


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