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February 14, 2007, 1:53 pm
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Today is Valentine’s Day and the occasion has prompted me to reflect upon some of the people, places, and inanimate objects I love. Yes, perhaps this is a bit goofy and a departure from past entries, but even Oprah touts the power of gratitude, saying it can add a good couple of years to your life, and goodness knows the past 8 weeks has stolen a few away, so lets begin building back.


1.    That baby Charlie was baptized two weeks ago in the Christening dress made by grandma LoLo and worn by his big brother Mac and cousin Lux and soon his initials will be embroidered alongside the bottom, joining theirs, and awaiting the coming of future and blessed children.

2.    That I was able to buy a children’s value pack (who doesn’t love a value pack of just about anything) containing 9 pairs, yes NINE, of Hanes underwear for 4.99 and that my butt was actually small enough to fit into them.

3.    That my husband has different (dare we say misguided) political views, standards of vehicle cleanliness, and general worldly outlook than mine and that this challenges me to see my world, our world, in new way, not previously available, and I get to wake up each morning knowing I married the love of my life (and I watch Dr. Phil and know not everyone is so lucky).

4.    That my two boys will grow up knowing their two great grandmothers, the one that commented my sister’s  chick new haircut made her look like a “god damn marine” and the one that joined the Navy, when she was considerably younger than I am now, because she knew her country needed her.

5.    That in about an hour I will go to meet the girl I went to preschool with, now grown with four beautiful children, for coffee and that there will be many things we do not need to say because we already understand so much.

6.    That I have a job that lets me work with college students, just starting their lives, and support them as they grow into the people that will one day teach my children (perhaps I should suggest they take an extra seminar in classroom management).

7.    That the sister who insisted that “all of her friends hated me and thought I was ugly” and who charged me $2 to ride her shiny two-wheel bike (so that I could promptly break my arm) has  become a woman and a mother I so admire and talk to most days on the phone.

8.    That my long locks (cut off under the false assumption that I could pull off a chick bob) have grown back and I once again look like myself and my grandmother can return to calling me frumpy.

9.    That maternity leave has afforded me the luxury of existing in yoga pants 24/7 and that I actually get around to doing yoga at least three times a week.

10.    That my four year old sees me write each day and now requests that I record his stories of ninjas, pirates, and the “bad soldiers” (perhaps I should consult Dr. Phil about that) which I in turn am compiling into an anthology.

11.    That the pipsqueak smiles at me when I scrunch up my face and say in a most silly voice, “do you love your mommy?” and I know he really does.

12.    That I am the godmother to a perfect young lady and that her mother, more than anyone I know, embodies a faith and goodness seldom found, and this woman, the same one I traded tightly folded notes with in 8th grade, has agreed to be the godmother of our youngest and show him the life all of us should learn to live.

13.    That I get to run down Monument Avenue each morning and pass the man with the brown beagle, the neighbor who walks to work, the two teenagers that await the city bus, and the three homeless guys that sit on the church steps and wave and that I am pretty sure I would miss them all just a little too much if I decided to sleep in or buy that elusive one bedroom condo on the beach.

14.    That 15 years ago I bought a Valentines Day card for the man I would later marry and on Monday, as the pipsqueak slept in his bouncy seat, I spent the afternoon cutting up old calendars (the ones my grandma saves for us) with my four year old so we could glue them to the paper hearts he will distribute today to his preschool buddies, perhaps the same friends he will share a cup of coffee with in 30 years.


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Lovely. I think I will make a list too…

Comment by stacey

Well That was wonderful and actually made me start thiing aut the things I am grateful for….You being one of the tops!! I love you dearly and feel blessed everyday to have your friendship…. Butwheat Rodreco Paco Taco

Comment by Ginny

Nice post. You have a lovely family. It must be nice to live such a rooted existence. My wife Amy and I are both exiles. She is a Kansan and I was born in Scotland, raised in Canada and now live in Michigan.

Friends from pre-school? – please! Amy’s moved around a fair bit within Michigan: Traverse City, Lansing, Northville, and now Howell. I just thought that the majority of Americans were itinerant. Most of our friends here are also from elsewhere.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Comment by stephenconnolly

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