Playground Uprising

The Greasy Red Rocker
February 12, 2007, 7:58 pm
Filed under: Children


Cradle Cap …. A forgotten hell that has arrived in the Suskind household in the form of reptilian (I mean how many times a day does a girl get a chance to use that word) scales all over Charlie’s large, red, somewhat misshapen head. So what is one to do? TARGET! The beginning of all great quests. So it is here that I purchased the $7 specialty shampoo claiming to cure the infestation, this is big bucks from the girl that gets an $11 haircut at Great Clips three times a year. I then headed home for the anticipated conquer but the battle only ended in disappointment. Charlie Gnarly woke up this morning still accompanied by his friendly flakes and crust, no not that new health food cereal, and with the added bonus of greasy red rocker hair. So today when I was back at Target, they are in the process of taking out a restraining order, I asked the pharmacist for advice and he suggested that I smear olive oil on my poor chump’s scalp (like perhaps tonight when I am cooking the linguini) …but after some subtle digging and a “thanks jackass” look he fessed up that “cradle cap” is caused by an overproduction of hormones (he figured I could relate to that) and there was not a darn thing to do about it. So now I am at home with a greasy kid thinking about what to call the olive oil I am going to rebottle and sell at my local Target for $6.50.


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Selsun blue. Also, slighty pricey for a baby head but it does seem to work.

Comment by stacey

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