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How Do You Wake Up Each Morning?
February 7, 2007, 1:32 pm
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How do you wake up each morning?

When I was in my twenties the alarm clock did the job.

Not today. I still have an alarm clock. I still set the alarm clock. But I don’t think it has actually had an opportunity to beep for four year. Screams, howls, and little voices that say, “is it wake-up time” have taken up the task.

Our morning begins at 4:30am (provided the pipsqueak has slept through the night) with Papa Bear standing by the bed contemplating the merits of braving the elements in a quest for physical fitness. The results vary.

Then, there is the big boom of little feet followed by a high voice, inquiring, “Can I get in your bed mommy?” The answer to this question use to be a resounding NO but after numerous attempts at psychological warfare (efforts made by both parties) we have reached a compromise (I looked this word up about 3 months ago), if it is after 4am little folks can snuggle in.

So here we are, it is 4:30, Greg is putting on his high school sweatpants that resemble knickers more than workout apparel, Mac is attempting to sequester MY down comforter to the far corner of our disheveled bed, and I am debating trashing my alarm clock in favor of a one bedroom condo on the coast.

And so the day begins.


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Cand you trade it in for a two bedroom and I will split it with you? Hell I will share a one bedroom if you promise not to wake me…

Comment by Ginny

Well… I, on the other hand, wake up wishing I had “obeyed” the alarm clock, and had got gotten up to exercise. Sigh. It’s never ending, I tell ya!

Comment by spha

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