Playground Uprising

February 5, 2007, 6:43 pm
Filed under: Children, Family


Charlie was baptized on Sunday.

Following the service we invited family and friends back to our house for a celebratory luncheon. Welcoming Charlie into the Church was quite easy but having 20 odd, and the word odd is important here, family members come together in one house can be downright terrifying. For those of you who come from a split, broken, or otherwise dysfunctional family, you can empathize with this scenario. We had my mother’s side of the family; my father’s side of the family; Greg’s side of the family; and all of the divorces, outrages, and general bad feelings intermixed in between. But we were brave and the children lightened the mood, as Mac lead them gallantly to forbidden parts of the house to partake in unlawful activities only to be gotten away with when your parents are too busy replenishing the supply of tea sandwiches to put you in time-out and too embarrassed to curse at you in front of the grandparents. But the family came, and we ate, and the children played, and no one assaulted each other (at least physically), and we took plenty of pictures so that one day they could be rediscovered by distant relatives who just might mistake us for normal.


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