Playground Uprising

Grunts and Grimaces
January 31, 2007, 2:13 pm
Filed under: Children, parenting


Charlie, who over the last five weeks has mastered the Zen art of just being, meaning he has been perfectly content to observe his own inner world and workings, has broken free. And it all happened in the package of a grimace. It is as if all of a sudden he has decided that just maybe these spastic family members that invade his sleep just might be worthy of interaction, I have been told he will reconsider this delusion upon reaching his teenage years.

The experts, and I am a bit unclear who these ostentatious individuals are but am keenly aware I have been denied membership, say that babies start to smile around 6 weeks so we are on Target. It is humorous how we as parents celebrate wildly when our child reaches a milestone, the same one reached by 10 million other children around the same time; I suppose we feel we have actually succeeded at something when really the only person we have to thank is Biology. But I will take anything that helps to balance out my growing stacks of well meaning but clearly damaging mistakes I am collecting in my messy closet (this is a metaphorical closet of course because my actual closet is quite neat).

So back to the grimace. Yes, I realize that most children smile at 6 weeks but mine grimaces. He curls the left side of his mouth up as if he is about to break into an Elvis interpretation and just as quickly reverts back to a slightly annoyed stare signaling that this communicative things is tiring and he is ready to return to his Happy Place, which is void of mommies making goofy faces, even if this is my normal expression, and other adults that would all benefit from a small dose of Prozac.

As for now I have decided to keep him and since he has not reached the milestone of walking I imagine he will stay.


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