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The Bounce
January 30, 2007, 1:42 pm
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The Bounce

Mac does not walk. He runs, he flails, he crawls along the floor like an “army man,” but most of all he bounces. And, I do not mean the occasional, subtle jumping up and down in anticipation of an ice-cream cone jump, I am talking about a hurdle power, three feet in the air, return with a blow that awakes the elderly from a deep sleep bounce.

Each morning begins with a bang. Parenting books tell us that over time we come to recognize and understand our children’s cries, well in our house it is The Bounce we must come to know. Each morning begins with BANG, boom, boom, boom, down the hall. That is The Bounce of Mac catapulting himself, his stuffed Tigger and Curious George, and yellow blanket out of his bed in a desperate race to our bedroom. This bounce most frequently occurs at 4:15am but been picked up by tired and distressed ears at 12, 2, and 3am.

Our footstool is then transformed into a catapult that airlifts Mac over the warm covers and onto my head so that he can inquire, “I forgot my pillow can I just have yours?” And I am thinking, “Well of course you can have mine. After all it is the reasonable hour of 4:15am, you have just taken away the only quilt that separates me from the frigid cold, and I have just returned to bed at 3:30 from feeding the baby, so please, by all means take my pillow. I am planning to sleep shortly after sending you to a military academy in the Fall.”

Now it is downstairs to breakfast and The Bounce is now accompanied by a running commentary on the “bad soldiers and their ominous fate.” The breakfast Bounce is often performed in sock feet and includes the added bonus of one or two face plants into the wall. The wails are met with compassionate parent advice such as, “I told you to stop bouncing. This is what happens when you forgo your God given right to walk.”

Now I am off for a morning run, leaving the inmates in the care of daddy bear, only to return to the desperate cries of “MAC STOP BOUNCING” as we are already out of patience and the clock has just struck 8am.

This ground rumbling existence might explain why I felt as if I had just received the greatest gift of mankind as I sat in the gym parking lot last Sunday afternoon in complete quiet.


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We have the run… Often at similar times… Rob and I always wonder, when in life, do people stop running. Can you imagine, a bunch of adults running from the produce section to the deli at Ukrops just because that is how they get around?

Comment by lovebugandrolleypolley

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