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Goodwill to Man
January 29, 2007, 7:52 pm
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Goodwill to Man. This is how I would sum up my desire to let go.


Another interpretation.

Where is the insulated coffee cup?

Think, think, think, remember my New Year’s Resolution to always be truthful (damn!). Well, I threw that away. You see, (borrowed sentence starter from four year old son Mac) it leaked on me three days ago when I was attempting to drink coffee, feed the baby, and check my e-mail. I followed to throw away two other insulated cups because leaks are of course contagious. This behavior frustrates unnamed family members but I think it should secure me a guest spot on the tidy show, “Clean Sweep.”

Fortunately for the Goodwill, my material world detox is not relegated to the kitchen. In the last month (I am too sleep deprived to give yearly statistics), I have unloaded a baby bathtub (cleanliness is overrated); snug, loose, and otherwise unappealing apparel (anyway I have been wearing the same yoga pants for five weeks straight who needs a closet full of clothes); ties (this one is Greg’s fault), and maternity clothes too ugly to give to my fashion conscious pregnant friend.

Introspection tells me this is less about “cleaning house” as it is about cleaning one’s spirit. Giving away makes me feel lighter and that is important coming from someone who is trying to shed the last bit of 30 pounds, a gift from the little man in the bouncy seat.

I am yet to give away any immediate family members but I have a couple in the wings. I will keep you posted.


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We really are leading parallel lives- I am purging our house in a huge way and it feels fantastic!

Comment by stacey

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