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Advice? Anyone? Anyone at All?
January 25, 2007, 7:44 am
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Advice? Anyone? Anyone at All?

OK, this is somewhat humorous. I mean it is not too humorous at this torturous moment in time but I can see that someday (perhaps around the age of 85) I will look back upon this and chuckle.

First a little background.

We have sleeping issues. Now granted when I say we have sleeping issues you probably assume that I am talking about my 6 week old but you would be mistaken. I am referring to Mac the Terrible, known in some circles (giving a whole new meaning to circle time) as the Dean of Destruction, Master of Disaster, and Tower of Power.

Well two nights ago he decided he no longer wanted to retreat to the quiet respite of his room for the evening hours. We worked through it. Well kind of. We (meaning Greg, Mac, and Myself) discussed, screamed, cried, threatened, and finally came to some understandings.

I thought we came to the understanding that when he is asked to do something that he agrees to do it in a respectful manner …. But evidently Mac came to the understanding that his mission, over the coming years, is to push his parents into some kind of psychiatric support group (Know of any? We are starting to investigate).

So here I am. It is 2 in the morning and I have been driven out of our own bedroom.

Recap of the unfolding of events over the last two hours ….

12:30am Mac enters the room and asks to get in bed with us. We remind him that he cannot come in our bed until after 4am, which we are aware is absurdly early for normal folks, but we get up at 5:30am for work anyway and this arrangement seems to work (well it use to work).

12:35am Screams, stomps, tears from everyone involved.

12:45am Greg escorts DOD (Dean of Destruction) back to his room.

1:30am DOD is back. We tell him if he returns he will not be able to get in our bed at 4am. DOD is unfazed.

1:35am Screams, stomps, tears from everyone involved.

1:45am Greg escorts MOD (Master of Disaster) back to his room.

1:50am MOD returns with a vengeance. We tell him if he does not go back to his room he will loose his “den toys” for 24 hours.

1:55am TOP (Tower of Power) refuses to leave. I go downstairs and pack up his toys. I go upstairs and give him an update (like what am I thinking). TOP could care less. I state that if he is no going to leave my room than I am going downstairs.

So here I am … downstairs … pretty sure I have lost a good 15-years of maturity over the last two hours.

Vote for your favorite:

•    A = My dear friend is living outside of Amsterdam and is starting Language Classes next week. Perhaps she can teach me how to talk in a language Mac will actually understand.
•    B = Our house is over 100 years old and there is not an interior lock in sight. Go to Home Depot. What time do they open?
•    C = Move my room to the basement.
•    D = ________________________________ (your call)


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So well written again! I am laughing and also feeling greatly relieved that Caroline can’t read all that well yet- if she read this she would get some interesting ideas! Good Luck! When I am awake at similarly crazy hours- the girls alternated last night, 10, 12:30, 2, 4, 5:30 for the day- I will think about you and wonder where you are sleeping…

Comment by stacey

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