Playground Uprising

January 24, 2007, 2:24 pm
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Obsessions. I imagine we all have them. Some, like people, are more normal than others.


Presently I am on maternity leave. When I was working full time I think I kept these somewhat under-wraps or at least channeled into productive endeavors such as reviewing student projects, preparing lesson plans, and making sure my desk was stocked with chocolates.


But, today I find myself worrying about things that in themselves are a bit worrisome. Lets take my car. We live in the city and we have two coveted off street parking places; mine unfortunately happens to run under the Verizon phone line. And do you know who hangs out on Verizon phone lines? Well besides the abandoned shoes thrown up by rogue college students, birds hang out on those lines.


Though their residence is not new their presence is more pronounced since my car sits under those wires now for hours at time as opposed to taking me up 95 to teach. The next logical question is, why am I so attune to the resting spots of these neighborhood yappers? To sum it up in one nasty word, POOP.


These feathery friends are no friends of mine since they started ambushing my silver car with scope-like precision. What’s more is the dread of these dailly attacks have caused me to to stock up on paper napkins, confiscated from local bagel and coffee hot-spots, in preparation for the daily wipe down.

I even find myself waking up each morning thinking if the weather is conducive to dew, not poo, so that I can more easily remove natures’ graffiti.


Mac also exhibits signs of his mother’s obsessions. Just this morning, while I am sitting here writing to you, he has taken the liberty of removing all of the plastic letter magnets from the refrigerator door along with the one’s that say catchy family slogans like “stop annoying me, I am running out of places to hide the dead bodies” and put them in a long line that stretches mightily across the kitchen floor.






Now I just need to get baby Charlie obsessed with sleeping through the night and his father obsessed with changing dirty diapers and all will be right with the world.


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Yuck! “Free” time really does to wonders to our ability to worry doesn’t it! I love the picture of Mac…

Comment by stacey

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